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Stoic Sunday

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STOIC SUNDAY | 11.13.22 | The Optimist

It is the early morning, a glass of water is standing on your bed side table with a few sips already taken from it. Is the glass Half Full or is it Half Empty? We understand that is one of the most used questions in regards for Optimism or Pessimism, but what was your response? The graphic we have attached to this Stoic Sunday is one to identify a method of thought.

Opportunity is one of life's greatest assets, as it is the action that gives us the ability to dictate our lives. Difficulty is what life gives us to allow growth, without difficulty we all we lack to Opportunity to evolve.

Perfection is not achievable, but we must strive to be one step closer to it every day.

What opportunity do you have this week to be one step closer to Perfection?




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