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Stoic Sunday

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Stoic Sunday | 11.27.22 | Mastering Yourself

Freedom, it comes in all shapes an sizes and is based on what you seek it for. Cornucopia preaches freedom as time freedom, financial freedom and location freedom. Time freedom is when the alarm on your nightstand doesn't serve a purpose anymore as you don't need to get up for the career you don't like. Financial freedom comes from when you can cover your own expenses with self sufficient forms of money. Location freedom comes from how fluid your ability is to be at any one time and any one place. Individually these freedoms are lifetime goals of people that they chase for 20-30-40 years. Now imagine having all three of them, and getting all three in 20-30-40 years.

This freedom does not just get handed to a person, you must work. Your mental fortitude must stay strong and true in order to beat this race out. To master yourself, you must set a goal and do everything, everyday to get yourself closer to hitting this.

Master yourself so you can master your life.




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