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Stoic Sunday

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STOIC SUNDAY | 10.30.22 | The Climb

In life, we often times will set a goal for ourselves. Whether that be with Fitness, Finance, or another matter. We will do this because we want to achieve something that we desire. One matter that is often overlooked is the discipline it takes to reach our goals. For if we set a goal that is too easy, it is not as rewarding as the goal that took the strength of our discipline to do so.

In Greek Philosophy, the story of Sisyphus is one of eternal discipline. Sisyphus was "punished" to eternity in hell; if that was not enough of a sentencing, Sisyphus must spent eternity pushing a boulder up a mountain. The story of Sisyphus and his eternal climb is often used for motivational purposes among Stoics.

The attached image uses the phrase "You don't control the mountain". We love this use of the phrase as it is an analogy to how you can not control what life throws at you. The ending phrase "only the climb" is used to say you can only control how you react. This phrase represents the beauty in discipline through life.

Cornucopia's favorite practice of Discipline comes with winning our mornings. When the alarm goes off you must ground your feet on the floor, and, most importantly, make your bed.




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