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Stoic Sunday | 1.22.23 | Virtue

Virtue is one of the larger principles taught through the Stoic Philosophy. Chris Gill describes Virtues as "a form of expertise or skill, knowledge how to live well in every way, a form of knowledge that shapes the whole personality and life". One area we would like to focus on is the phrase "live well in every way". How do we live well? What is the Standard? What is "every way"? All of which are questions we plan to address.

One phrase that may stay familiar to you as the reader is "Life is meant for living". So if I am to live this life well how should I proceed?

Your Mentality is the key. Training and mastering your outlook on life will lead to the possibilities of a well-lived lifestyle. Similar to last weeks Stoic Sunday, if you cannot control the outcome of an event do not worry about. We suffer more in imagination than we do in reality. When you train yourself to clear your mind of negative emotions you will in turn suffer less.

Another way to help your mind achieve this state is to identify that there is no standard to hold yourself too while on this journey. The road is different for everyone and others journeys should not be what you use to benchmark the success, or lack of, in yours.

You have all of the tools you need to live a healthy lifestyle, by implementing virtue into it you are training yourself to operate at a constant level of it.




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