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What is BATNA

Negotiation is an aspect that is adamant in everyones lives. The most common forms of negotiation involve Salary, Purchases and Claims. In the Book, How to get to YES, Part 2 introduced me to BATNA. BATNA is the "Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement" which can be the most advantageous action to take if a negotiation fails or an agreement cannot be reached.

One key aspect in negotiation is understanding what would happen if you walked away from the negotiation, but understand what you're walking to. One example of a strong BATNA comes from Applying to a Job. When negotiating salary when do you think you'll be more confident in negotiation. When you have two job offers in your back pocket, or when you have none?

Options are one of the best assets to hold in negotiation, so understanding what your options are helps create a strong BATNA.

The Cornucopia Lifestyle instagram asked if you've ever negotiated the price of your car. A Strong BATNA for car negotiations is to know that the car dealership down the street offers the same model with 15,000 less miles for the same price as the car in the lot you're in. Then you can show your cards in this negotiation, perhaps you have the salesman identify how valuable those 15k less miles are at the dealership at the end of the street.

Evan Pace


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