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The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick | Book Recommendations

The Mom Test, a book that held a visually appealing cover also held some of the most viable communications skills we have read at Cornucopia. The book focuses on how to examine environments in which you are trying to gain progress in a Start Up. This is done by asking questions that even your mom couldn't lie to you about, hence the name.

A personal message from our Founder, Brenden Meyer, states "I think if I was graded on the questions I ask in life by Rob Fitzpatrick, I would have failed." Failure in asking the wrong questions is something we never imagined possible, until now. We find ourselves often rephrasing questions with peers to try to fit into the "Mom Test".

This is a book that we highly recommend as it has value in how you can start phrasing your questions not only in Business but also in everyday conversation with each other.

We recommend this book that we have read with our readers and you can find available for purchase versions with the amazon link below!




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