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Stoic Sunday

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Stoic Sunday

Motivation Fades; Habits are Forever

How many time when you tell yourself, "I will wake up early tomorrow and get my life together" do you end up accomplishing your goals? Probably a very high rate, which is good. It shows that you can control your actions with a positive roadmap when you put your mind to it. This accomplishment is fueled by motivation, you were motivated to get your life together; you need to have a habit of getting your life together. One Habit our team wants to share with you will change your mood for the entirety of the day. Make your bed, making your bed is one of the most simple tasks to accomplish and the next thing you know you just started your day with a win.

We Challenge you for one week, Until the next Stoic Sunday. To Make your bed every morning and notice how your mood changes. You receive instant gratification from this accomplishment and you will receive a second wave of gratification when you come home from a long day and your bed is made.




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