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Stoic Sunday

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Stoic Sunday | 12.18.22 | Appreciate the Morning

In Stoicism, no-one is more prominent than Marcus Aurelius. With a wide variety of quotes on lifestyle to look at we are analyzing his on the morning. We have often times preached the importance of seizing the day and and conquering the morning, this time we are looking at a different approach on morning. This rendition of Stoic Sunday we will be looking at appreciating the morning.

How often when you wake up do you truly take a moment to appreciate the fact that you have another day to live your life. It seems small in retrospect, yet we always take waking up for granted. What Marcus Aurelius preaches here is having us take a second out of our morning to embrace the gift of getting to experience another day. Waking up and staying under the covers offers is a choice granted by the ability of waking up. Waking up and getting up to conquer the morning is a choice that is granted by the ability of waking up.

When you wake up, do you appreciate the ability to decide, to think, to enjoy?




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