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Stoic Sunday

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Sympatheia is defined as the idea that "all things are mutually woven together and therefore have an affinity for each other". So what does this mean? The idea that something can be mutually woven together comes from the fact that we all have a specific place and specific role that we were all meant to be alive for. This creates the sense of affinity for each other as our consciousness can recognize this in other people. Creating a sense of respect of admiration for another as we recognize "they exist for a reason".

With the world just recently announcing that the global population has reached 8 million people it must become surreal to recognize we are mutually connected with a reason for existence.

Sympatheia is a beautifully constructed concept that we here at Cornucopia admired. Because of this we will be using this concept of Sympatheia for our first wave of Cornucopia apparel.

Have you heard of this concept before?




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