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Stoic Sunday

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Stoic Sunday | 11.20.22 | Constant Change

The Earth is made of 71% water and 2.5% freshwater. When the water flows down a river the current, the pace and the water differ on a day to day basis. We as humans, will differ from our day to day similarly. The one thing that will happen for us every day that we wake up are decisions. One of the best graphs to visualize this is the compounding graph of becoming 1% better/worst everyday.

The best way to make a decision is to ask yourself "will my future self be proud that I made this decision?". Some of the few decisions that we recommend at Cornucopia are going to the gym, eating healthier, taking a 20 minute nap instead of scrolling through social media, and saving/investing money (this is not financial advice).

What are some of the decisions that you can make to make you 1% better today?




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