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Why Should you play for the Grizzlies HC?

Your Ultimate Guide to why you should play for the Grizzlies HC: Everything You Need to Know

Grizzlies HC Logo

Every great player in the sport of hockey has experienced the thrill and competition of off-season hockey tournaments. The Grizzlies HC are designed to bring to you a more individually tailored experince. Our value proposition comes with our bundling of services such as the FREE VIDEO ANALYSIS* and 75 MINUTE TRAINING SESSION BY A GUEST COACH, on top of the games presented by the tournament you will be attending. This is designed for you as a player to get the most gain out of your weekend commitment to the Grizzlies HC.

*Free Video Analysis is a promotional item offered to the first 10 skaters that commit to a roster*

Grizzlies HC Guideline

Below will be the three FAQs and Value Points of the Grizzlies HC to allow you to know as much as possible about the Grizzlies HC before scheduling your consultation with the President of Ops.


FAQ and Value #1 Why are your Video Analysis Free?

Our program is designed to maximize the player we get for the weekend tournament that we are competing inside of and to elevate your potential and experience as a player for your future playing career

The video analysis will be a collaborative event that you will coordinate with your rosters coach. The aim is we can compare the video play of your idol players playing at a higher level of your choosing and break down your film to see where you can implement aspects of their game into yours.

FAQ and Value #2 What are the Jerseys we will wear?

Custom and Slick, these jerseys are meant to be lifelong quality to wear for the weekend and for any other sessions you see yourself in. Whether that be Pond Hockey with Friends or 1on1 Trainings.

Grizzlies HC custom Jerseys

Made to order jerseys from Verbero offer flexible and custom fit jerseys with your name and number on the back to help you stand out to anyone watching the game.

So many times, growing up and playing in these tournaments, I would be thrown a stock issue jersey with a number that was aligned up with my name on the scout sheet. Grizzlies HC aims to eliminate that and allow any scouts watching to know just who they are seeing skating on the ice.

Grizzlies HC also offers off ice apparel for our players and parents to wear when around the rink in our shop tab

FAQ and Value #3 What is the 75 Minute Training Session?

To implement what players will have gained from the video sessions as well as get everyone accustomed to their lines and teammates leading up to the weekend. We have added a 75 Minute Training Session to help elevate your hockey experience. This session location, time and guest coach will be a variable based on availability of venue and talent to train and is valued at $45 worth of your total overall package. The guest coaches will come in for the session and help players develop facets of their individual game while the rosters head coach will implement the weekend strategy.

If you are interested in learning more about the Grizzlies HC or the services provided, schedule the free consulation through the link below!


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