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Our Mission Statement

Our companies motto "Palma Non Sine Pulvere" is a latin phrase meaning "No Reward Without Effort" that dates back to the time of the Gladiators. Today, that is what we are putting into you, and to be successful you will need to provide effort as well.

We offer an all in one service platform that is designed to centralize your focus and your effort. So many programs across the hockey world do not have the funding to offer full services to their players. Here at Cornucopia, we aim to provide the resources necessary for you to Elevate your hockey experience.


Founder & Managing Partner

The hockey community is one of the most globally represented sports at present. As a player, Brenden would see the discrepancies of funding for player development across the US and at different levels of hockey. "All players should have the chance to access the resources needed to fulfill their hockey dreams" and that was the basis and main principle in the founding of Cornucopia Lifestyle. Brenden prides himself on being a sponge in both the world of Hockey and Business, seeing each day and every conversation as an opportunity to grow and develop along side his clientele.

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Vice President of Hockey Operations & Video Coach

Spencer currently works as a Video/Analyst Coach with the Utah Outliers of the NCDC (Tier 2). Along with video coaching for Cornucopia, Spencer is currently a video coach with DevCo Hockey Group based in Ottawa, Ontario, working with bantam & midget players throughout different areas to make their habits & details better. In addition, Spencer has worked with the Chicago Steel of the USHL as an Area Scout in the Chicagoland area from 2020-2023, which included elite players like Adam Fantilli and Macklin Celebrini during that time frame. Spencer was also an assistant coach with Team Illinois U16 Boys AAA in 2022-23, where he worked with two Division 1 committed players (Penn State University, Western Michigan University) from that team.


For hockey resources, Spencer has his own weekly newsletter called "Habits Hockey," where he posts Monday / Wednesday / Friday analyzing recent NHL news, providing player analysis, as well as analysis on elements relating to scouting and tactics within the game as well. He also has his own eBook, "Guide to Scouting: 2023 Edition," which gives people insight on how to scout hockey players more efficiently and tactical components to improve as a scout as well.

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Director of Scouting

Gabe has worked as a U16 and U18 scout since 2017 and brings a wealth of technical ability to the Cornucopia team. He has served as a data analyst in projects with the USHL and NHL, and managed teams of analysts, scouts, and media of up to 100. Gabe brings strong project management expertise, built up during his time with Recruit Scouting, a service that offers young and inexperienced scouts a chance to hone their craft and connect with professional opportunities. He’s also served as an on-ice and off-ice coach at the U14, U16, and U18 levels, where he’s had the chance to work with players at all levels, from elite talent like Landon DuPont, to hard-nosed collegiate players like Dillan Bentley. 


Gabe grew up in Chicago and St Louis youth hockey, where he saw how difficult it can be to access opportunity simply because of location or timing. He’s passionate about finding ways to connect everyone in the hockey world to chances to improve and succeed. 

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